Simple Back Up Principles

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Let’s talk about backing up your data.  
Here is a quick PSA about Back ups.


Your only back up is:
    - TimeMachine
    - This black box beside your computer “I think that it’s backing up”
    - Dropbox, GSuite, OneDrive,  or the latest greatest OneBoxGDropCloud, yada, yada, yada.
    - Backing up to another folder/Drive on your computer
    - “Umm, my photos are still on the camera”
Sadly these are not back ups

So Hence Forth!


Or as I like to call it 3-2-1-A. These rules have been around a while
but worth touching on again.
- 3 - Copies of anything you care about - Two isn't enough if it's important.
- 2 - Different formats - Example: Cloud, Portable Drive, NAS, Memory Stick
- 1 - Off-site Location
- A - Automate

@Synology Has some great products that can provide “Hands Free Back ups” that satisfy the three rules.   Or send us a message and we can review your current backup setup and make some suggestions. We have some great solutions for iOS, Mac, Windows.

James Dunnigan