Two Factor Auth - Revisited


Once again major hacks are in the news and people's private information is at risk. The CIBC/BMO hack is serious stuff. 90,000 people will have their lives uprooted in a way most of us don't understand. This is a quick PSA call out urging people to take the Protection of your Personal Information Seriously.

Today I spent a couple of hours helping a local Whistler residence put things back together after a hacker took control of all Of His social and banking sites. Here is two quick things you can do that will help avoid this type of thing happening to you.

1. Please Please Please turn on 2 Factor authentication on any website that uses it. If a site doesn't have 2 factor implemented question whether the site is worth the Risk. Here is a link for more info

1. Practise good password hygiene A couple of good places to start with

1Password Or Last Pass

So what are you waiting for? It's time to take some positive action.

We hope that helps. Scroll through our blog for more tips!