Limit Your Child's Screen Time with iOS 12


iOS 12 Screen Time

Here is how you do it!

More and more research is confirming that excessive screen time is harmful to our kid’s. A CBC article dated Feb 18th, 2018 Still not sure if screen time equals sadness? Here's the proof is one of many articles that detail some of the concerns excessive screen time can affect children. What's interesting about this article is it refers to an open letter written to Apple requesting Apple to provide more tools for the family to help control kids iPhone and iPad use.

This September Apple released iOS 12 and with the OS, a new feature called “Screen Time” can be found in your settings. Screen Time can track usage on anyone, registered under your Apple ID as the family. Allowing you to set time limits on a per-app basis and age-appropriate content.

Heres how it works:

Ensure you have added your kids to your family account

Settings > Passwords and Accounts > iCloud > Family Sharing

Click on … Add Family Member

Next, we go to

Settings > Screen Time

Click on the Family Member and you will be given four Options to help you set up a good plan for the family


Downtime allows you to set a schedule for time away from the screen. You can select which apps are available during this time and the phone will be available.

App Limits

This option enables you to limit time on a per-app basis

Always Allowed

If you want to provide an always-on app I.E. for safety this is the place to do it.

Content & Privacy Restrictions

This option allows you to control a number of the devices features

iTunes Purchases, Cellular Data, Password changes etc.

Once all set the timer rests each day and you may experience some pushback from your kids. That part I will leave for you to deal with. By the way, you can set limits for yourself as well as get some great insight into your own use. Not a bad idea because too much screen time isn’t great for us either.

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