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Keeping your Data Safe in 2018

This is a whole lot more than ten security tips. It’s actually a security plan we put together for a client who had been hacked by a phishing scam and woke up to 20K taken from their bank account. These plans are customized for each client so it may not suite your needs but most of the content is applicable for everybody. Also security efforts change over time so please use as a guideline and proceed with caution. With 50 Million Facebook, accounts hacked today this is once again timely. One of the services we do is build personal and business security plans. If you want to schedule a free 15 min security consult click below and we can review your setup and make some suggestions. This especially valuable for travellers and people who tend to use public WiFi. Be Safe!!!

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Two Factor Auth - Revisited

Once again major hacks are in the news and people's private information is at risk. The CIBC/BMO hack is serious stuff. 90,000 people will have there lives uprouted in a way most of us don't understand. This is a quick PSA call out urging people to take the Protection of your Personal Information Seriously.

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How Two Factor Authentication Works

Two Factor Authentication can be set up for most online accounts and is a great tool to help keep your personal information safe.  It forces unrecognized users to have both your password and a verification code that is either sent to your phone or generated by your phone It keeps the bad people out and it is free to set up. Here is how to do it.

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