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How and Why Your Business Should Kick Email to the Curb.

Slack is a project-based collaboration tool that has some real traction and has the flexibility and features to improve the way your business team delivers.

Communication with Slack happens through channels, private channels, and direct messages. Channels can be created quickly, and invites can be customized and sent to the team member that needs to be involved. As a team member, you can join or drop channels which helps filter out the noise and focus on the essential things.

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Limit Your Child's Screen Time with iOS 12

More and more research is confirming that excessive screen time is harmful for our kid’s. A CBC article dated Feb 18th, 2018 Still not sure if screen time equals sadness? Here's the proof is one of many articles that detail some of the concerns excessive screen time can effect children. What's interesting about this article is it refers to an open letter written to Apple requesting Apple to provide more tools for family to help control kids iPhone and iPad use.

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